A short lived summer

I had a little over a month to live out my summer life but its swiftly coming to an end.

By the time you read this I’ll already be at camp. I’m a camp counselor at a summer camp for inner city kids and even though I’m sad to already say goodbye to the friends I haven’t seen in almost a year I’m excited to be knocked down a few notches, be stripped of technology and all the other luxuries and just sit down and grow a connection with people based off of raw and genuine interactions.

My summer consisted of one day at the beach fully clothed and freezing, two days by the pool- wear your sunblock kids- reapplying my beloved red nail polish over the chipped bits every other day, and hunting for haunted roads to drive down.

Sure I didn’t have those two week long sleepovers, our annual vacation staying at the beach for the week, or find myself at some random 4th of July party I rather not be at but GROWTH. Its all about growth and switching things up, saying “fuck the routine” and signing up to work at a camp for 2 months when you have no prior experience. I can’t say I have any desire to swim in lakes, hike through the woods, and sleep in hot cabins for a job, BUT I do have a desire to understand people and learn with them. I can’t expect to grow as a person if I’m living the same routine with people so similar to me.

So heres to one piece bathing suits and strappy  sandal tan lines! Wish me luck… I’m sure I’ll need it


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