My wardrobe essentials for the summer

Although this summer was short lived due to going off to be a camp counselor and my wardrobe will consist of dungarees and converse, this is what I have been loving for the small time I had 

Lets kick it off with my absolute baby this summer, my wicker basket. I picked this one up at a flea market and the minute I saw it there were no if ands or buts, I NEEDED it. You can bet I get the occasional “Why do you have a picnic basket” comment but nonetheless you cannot deny its beauty.

I live for mules and I die for mules. Every time I slip into a pair I can’t help but think of the wife in Of Mice and Men with her red mules. Mules are a more versatile sandal that I can get away with with just about any outfit so its a win.

Gingham, need I say more? If I see the pattern I probably need to buy it. This tie up cropped blouse paired with a denim skirt has been a dream in this hot weather. As for this red number, I picked it up at a consignment shop recently getting some major Jane Birkin vibes and I never want to take it off.

Someone has blessed me, guiding me to a hat that doesn’t look terrible on me. Ive always wanted to be a hat person and maybe this will be the only one I’ll ever have but I’ll take it. This straw hat makes me feel like the outlaw that my younger self had always hoped to be.

A white blouse and cropped denim all jokes aside is the actual go to. I’m not going to lie, I have worn a variation of this outfit about three days in a row and I’m not even sorry. Blue jeans and a white shirt but taken up a notch and makes me feel like I should be walking down cobblestone streets about to bump into the love of my life.. but thats just me.

and lastly we have a floral dress because who has time for pants in this weather? Ive never been a fan of florals but this just worked for me ya know? Its quite literally the easiest thing to throw on when you’ve got somewhere to be.

Sad to be saying goodbye to my summer wardrobe so I hope you all have enough cute outfits for the both of us


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