February Favorites

When I think this past month all I think is it felt like life came at me with extreme rates. I can’t say there was a particular instance though the feeling lingered over me throughout. I was thrown off guard in a few situations and really the unexpected was served to me on a platter, now I’m not saying its a bad thing, its just a thing that most certainly knocked me off my feet. ANYWAY… lets get to the favorites.

This month I’ve slacked a bit on the reading this month, well actually for the past few months but I do have a few things for ya

M Train– Patti Smith is such a… I don’t even know how to say it. If I was anything like her I’d consider myself beyond lucky. She’s one of my all time favorite writers and it wasn’t a surprise to me that this book was going to be any less intriguing to me then the last one I picked up of hers.

Bukowski- He was one of the first poets I was ever introduced to and recently revisited his work. Ever since I found him I was in favor of him and his unmistakable honesty. If you get the chance to check out his writing, I highly suggest you do and really take everything it can give you.

In Flux– Lauren reached out to me and actually featured me on her blog! Her blog is absolutely amazing and I had to share it with you guys. From one creative soul to another, don’t pass up on taking a peak. You can check out her post on me here

I’ve been in a fashion rut this month with the confusing weather. From snow storms to 70 degree weather in February… I just don’t know what I’m doing anymore!

Loafers- Oh yes I lived for loafers in the summer and have pulled my babies back out with this warm weather. Its such an easy shoe to wear and goes with just about everything.

Crew socks- Fun fact: every pair of socks I own are crew socks. With the loafers comes some fun crew socks to show off with some cropped jeans.

Corduroy flares- I have two pairs, a hunter green and a burnt orange and I don’t know man… something about them is magical.

If you don’t know, I don’t watch anything. Every time someone asks for a show recommendation I’m just as good as a bag of rocks when it comes to the topic because I don’t even remember the last time I turned on the T.V for reasons other then background noise because I’m too scared to sleep alone. So unless you want to hear about how Reba reruns play on my t.v… this is all I got.

Patti Smith interviews- Somehow I left the youtube binge of Dr. Phil and winded up watching old interviews from my favorite singers. However they are all interesting, Patti’s memorized me with her mannerisms and wittiness. I couldn’t help but see a bit of myself in her as I watched video after video.

Ocean Alley tour doc.- One of my favorite current bands put out this short little documentary on youtube so of course I had to include it! I’m a sucker for musician documentaries so if you wanna you can check it out here

I am constantly adding to my already made playlists on spotify and this month I made some new playlists! If you are in need of new music I have a wide variety to choose from and personally think that my music taste is top notch… just check out my newest playlists-


So I have a problem.. I’m addicted to bubble popping games. I some how stumbled upon the app Bubble Extreme like last week and I’m already passed level 400, my life is going out the door.

VHS Cam- Basically a VHS camcorder on your phone. I love the look it gives to my videos and the effect reminds me of old family videos.

STEP- Basically like VSCO, they have a bunch of different filters but I got it for their grain effect! You can put grain over your photos to give it that film vibe.

Looking back to my previous post of places in NYC, you can bet I’ve been hanging around at those places throughout the month of February. I will say I have spent a good amount of time in Central Park. With this weather I find myself and a book sitting somewhere in the park with a snack taking in the nice breeze.



Well this has been my month, what were your favorites of this month?

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your favorites!! It’s always nice to see what people are up to and hear about their favorites 🙂

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