Supersize your life

So what does it mean to “supersize your life”? Well I’ll tell you, and I’ll also tell you why you should. 

Supersize your life: break out of your own limitations, aim to achieve all, and nothing less.

Fulfilling ones chosen path in life is ultimately everyones goal, their purpose. Choosing that path is sometimes harder then succeeding in it, I can’t tell you how you’ll find your path but I will tell you this. Don’t trap yourself within your own created limitations, the only thing stopping you is going to be yourself so the first order of business is to shake those thoughts right out of your head.

Why do we aim low? Why do we feel as though we need to stay within certain barriers in order for our goals to not be “unattainable”? If someones done it before, someone can do it again, so why can’t that someone be you?

What I’m getting at here is, we have been subconsciously following this idea that the closest we will get to successful is working just below it. For example, people wish to work for a company similar to (insert successful company here) by why not aim to work for that successful company? People wish to work for (insert successful personnel) but why not become their competitor and be just as good as them? You see, we are making a habit out of aiming lower then we should.

Supersize your life.

Know that everything is achievable through hard work, and the first step towards that is believing. Set your goals high and don’t take no for an answer. Be the CEO, be self employed, take gigantic risks at a shot for your own genuine satisfaction.

The most important advice in this instance is, it’s never too late to start. Everything they tell you, every rule, every regulation, every “necessary step” to gaining success is utter bull shit. Wheres the rule book? It doesn’t matter what the traditional route taken is, you aren’t trying to be these people who have taken this route, you are trying to be you, the best you.

I often feel that we “aim low” because we are so quickly in our lives pressured to know what we want to do. Without experience and knowledge, one doesn’t truly know what they want to do, it takes living your life to do that.

So don’t pressure yourself in pin pointing what it is you want to do, instead question who it is you want to be. Open yourself up to the options and possibilities, the paths that will lead you to your personal success, not the cookie cutter one.

If you don’t see the point in all this, I’ll explain why its a good idea. When you aim low, you’ll always know that you could have done more. Years down the line the idea will be raking in your mind which leads to resentfulness. Super sizing your life in turn will influence others to do the same, shake this curse of generation after generation aiming low.

So think about it, are you settling for less? Are you aiming low? Could you do more? And most importantly, do you want to do more?

They say when you die you never regret the chances you did take, only the ones you didn’t.

Take the chance.

Supersize your life.


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