What a New York gal wants

Lets skip the trip to Times Square…

Does anyone actually enjoy the routinely tourist trips? Didn’t think so. Let me tell you about what I call a good time.


Williamsburg waterfront piers

East wing of Central Park

Commerce and Barrow st.

L Train (to people watch)

Vintage/ Thrift Stores

Urban Jungle

No Relation Vintage

L Train vintage

Cafes/ Food

Barnes & Nobles Cafe

Perk Cafe

Blue Stone Lane

Champs Diner


Grey Dog



I’ve been wanting to do this post since I moved here but I really wanted to feel it out and see what became my go to places while living in a place with SO many places. I’m not one for standing in huge crowds just to go shopping or waiting in line for a five minute meal so I decided to share some of my all time favorite places here in the city that you wouldn’t really find on your tour guide map.

So tell me… what are your favorite places in the city?

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