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I love you.

Dear Jacob,
I love you. I’ve never told you that, I almost did and you almost encouraged me to tell you those words cause you knew what I meant to say after that long silence. You almost heard me say it. You almost knew. We were almost together and we were almost happy. The only things that without a doubt were real are the distance between us and the fact that you will always be my “the one that got away”. The fact is: you didn’t even really “get away”, I did, well sort of. That’s not important though, what I really mean is that you’ll always be my first love. You’ll always have a tiny space in my heart where you’ll live forever. I know it’s the cheesiest shit you’ve heard and it sounds fake but believe me that even if I’ll ever be married with 3 kids and living my life happily, across the world from you, I’ll still want you to be the happiest this life can make you. I’ll still wonder what you are up to from time to time and if you found someone that can truly love your beautiful  soul. You’ll always be “the one that got away” because life is fucking unfair and even if I feel like we were meant to be you slipped through my fingers cause the distance was tearing me apart.
I wanted to say that I hope you are not missing me like I am missing you because I only want what’s best for you but I guess love makes me selfish and I’m gonna say I hope you miss me a tiny bit but not so much that it doesn’t let you sleep at night.

All the love,
still your Princess (in an alternative universe where we end up together and everything is pure and right).


my name’s kailey and i wrote this poem for this boy who broken my heart this past month.

i keep forgetting that when we’re doing really good, you will fuck it up

you never could commit to me

i’m not even asking much

how do you expect me to wait for you?

you never respond

act like we’re just friends when you’ve told me you loved me

i opened up to you

that wasn’t a friendship

that was fucking love

i thought you felt the same

at least that’s what you told me

i’m supposed to be okay with you only talking to me when it’s convenient for you?

not because you actually care

it’s draining

it’s heartbreaking

i write out how i feel about you because no one wants to listen

not even you

how could you not let someone love you?

you consume my thoughts

but don’t fulfill my heart

…that you broke

now i’ve moved on

loving myself instead of you feels way better

i’ve blocked your number

you don’t matter to me anymore

i gave you so much time

now your dead to me

a quote that always stuck in my head through liking
you was from rupi kaur’s book milk and honey, it said,

“don’t mistake
salt for sugar
if he wants to
be with you
he will
it’s that simple”

Dear person,
I wrote you a poem instead of a love letter. The title is, “i pretend not
to love you, but i’m a big liar.”

*i pretend not to love you, but i’m a big liar*

i can’t stop thinking

about your eyes

i can feel them pierce

through my soul

i want to drown in them

i can’t swim, but i want to

they make me want to cry

because sometimes when

you don’t think i’m looking

i can see the color dull a bit

and i just want to hug you,

letting you know that it’ll be all right

so i can see those eyes light up again

blue is such a lovely color

it’s the color of refreshing nature

the color of the breath that i draw

when our lips part

in the fantasies that only live in my head

the color of the shadow on the bed

as i reach for the spot of where you should be

but you’ll never be there

you’re only there in my dreams

and it’s the color of the electric current

that runs through my veins when i see

those eyes stare me down and hear

the lies that i spill from my mouth

of course you see my heart

and realize that maybe i love you after all.

i’m sat here crying trying to write a poem about your eyes as i pretend to
believe that i don’t love you. but i don’t know what love is. no, this
isn’t love. i don’t love you. that’s some idiotic wistful thinking of an
adolescent. i’m just lonely. and you’ve got pretty eyes.


Write a letter to someone you love

I remember

That was the prompt, and I had no answer

I’ve never been the loving type

I’d flash a smile at the words “I love you”

Because I don’t know if I love you too

You could pressure me for days, for hours

Write a letter to someone you love

I would tell you how I love the work of Sylvia Plath

Or the vibes of Kurt Cobain

And you would tell me that’s not what you meant

So who do I love?

You want me to tell you

So I’d write the love letter

January 1

4:09 pm

Write a letter to someone you love.

“I don’t truly love someone, not yet at least. I love smells, sounds, ideas, and sights. I love the Idea of being free, the power to make any moment seem magical even when it’s not. I love that things can work out all on their own, I really love that. I love that nothing actually matters even when you really think it does. I love how beautiful life is even though I hate it. I love that I don’t have to love, and things will still be alright.”

You told me that’s not what you wanted

I remember

You wanted a love letter


Dear Future,
I love you. I love you not. For all this time, you’ve been my
most loyal friend. Each day, you take my hand and instill me with the power of possibility. At night, you surprise me with beautiful dreams, montages of fulfillment, laughter, and, at last, JOY. When I think you, I smile.
I love you. I love you not. At times, you are my worst enemy. You taunt me with promises you cannot keep, and snatch my desires away as soon as I get close. When it’s dark, you send me nightmares, tearful visions of everything I am working towards dissolving with a snap of your fingers. When I think of you, I cry.
I love you. I love you not? Only time will tell. But for now, dear future, I have one last question:
No matter what’s to come, please,
don’t go breaking my heart.

-Olivia Land

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