The Pursuit of Happiness

What exactly does it take to make anyone happy?

Happiness is an emotion derived from many different things for many different people and for many different reasons. Happiness is not a tangible or promised object so we must stop questioning why someone doesn’t have it as if it’s easily obtained for everyone, but instead ask how they can achieve it. Happiness is conditional, it comes from the journey, the pursuit, and its different for everyone.

In life, happiness is not universal and this idea that we “should” be happy because of *insert scenario here* causes problems in its own. Leading to resentfulness towards others and even ourselves, this mindset that we should be unconditionally happy because of the fortunate things that have happened to us is not only unrealistic but also damaging to societies idea of what true happiness is and how to attain it. Takes note of the fact that happiness is in fact about the journey rather than the fortunes.

Happiness is often expected to last long term, to be obtained from the fortunate things we are presented with as we live, from the actions of others even, but happiness cannot be achieved so simply. It’s up to us to catch it. It comes from within, from what we do for ourselves to get there. It’s the journey following the decisions or actions we take, to watch them move forward and to see the outcome, that is where happiness stems from, not from the bigger picture. Happiness is not the feelings of joy, or gratitude, happiness really depends on both internal and external aspects. Happiness is  not something that you get, but something that you find. Although we can pursue happiness, happiness isn’t going to form just because it’s “supposed to”.

 There is no answer to what makes people happy, for there is nothing that will make this universal emotion be universal There are no two people the same, every single person will pursue this emotion different ways. Not only does this apply to this situation but it applies to all situations, it is the pursuit to happiness, which is always subject to change.

Happiness is conditional, it comes from the journey, the pursuit, and its different for everyone. It’s something you must work to find in yourself, for it can’t be found anywhere else. The endeavor to find it is diverse as we all are, but the results those actions provide is the universal feeling of happiness. This idea that we can all find happiness in the same places and for the same reasons is going to alter our minds and take away the perception of true happiness. Genuine happiness doesn’t come from the things we buy or the opportunities we are given, we won’t find it in other people or places. We must look for it in ourselves and pursue it for ourselves, if we ever want to find true happiness.

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  1. wow loved this. loved how you emphasized happiness doesn’t come from fortune, but from the journey we take ourselves on and what we surround ourselves with. wish more people saw it that way

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