January Favorites

The first month of the year, my first favorites of 2017

Happy- I stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix and was drawn in by the concept. This documentary focuses on the root of happiness and peoples journey through finding it.

The Sixties- Another Netflix find, this TV series documentary gives the run down on all things sixties! If your a history junkie, be sure to check it out.

History of The Eagles-Ya… ANOTHER documentary. The Eagles is by far one of my favorite bands and this rock doc is by far one of my favorites! I had to include it, its also available on Netflix.

Lucie Sophia- I came across her youtube channel while watching thrifting hauls and I subscribed almost instantly. Vegan, lots of thrift hauls, and a groovy personality… be sure to check her out!

The Alchemist- I originally bought this book as a gift for my mother but decided to read it first. Line after another, this book inspired my in ways I didn’t expect, making this a book I will forever have on my bookshelf.

Girls Like Us- This is my current read and I’m all about it. The topic being some of the female artists durning the 60s and the early feminist movement and how they played a part in that.

Besides my playlist, I’ve been listening to the Santo & Johnny sleepwalk vol. 1. This sets a mood so peaceful and dreamy, I know its not everyones cup of tea but its definitely mine.

Denim Vest- I picked up a denim vest while thrifting and didn’t think much of it but it quickly became one of my absolute favorite pieces that I literally wear with everything.

Levis- I bought a pair of vintage Levis WAY too big for me, but with the magic of my mother, now fit me like a dream. Lets just say I wear these TOO much.

Snake skin booties- My mom answered my prayers and bought me some for Christmas and I can’t help but feel like a bad bitch while wearing them. Any statement shoe is a good shoe.

Barefoot Babes Apparel- Vegan, Cruelty free, American made, AND cute, where could you go wrong?! I was lucky enough to shoot with them this month and learn more about the company. I HIGHLY recommend you check out their social medias and website. Their tee shirts are featured in the image above 🙂

The Women’s march! This was without a doubt the highlight of the month, and a story I was lucky to be apart of. With this presidential election is was quite easy for not just me, but a lot of people to feel like a bit of hope had been lost. Coming together for such a massive event gave me that sense of togetherness that I thought was gone. The absolute best way to bring peace to my heart during a rocky time.

What were your favorites this month? Leave a comment down below xx.

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  1. hi!! i absolutely loovvveee all of your favorites this month! i’m most intreguied by your book recomendations, ima book junkie:) can’t wait to read <3

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