Women’s March- NYC

My reflection on the Women’s March on January 21, 2016.

Wearing my vintage Levis that I wear far too often with my pink sweater I waited for the train to go to Grand Central. I was filled with excitement and anticipation, I’m a sucker for this stuff. Looking around at the 96th street station, all the women with signs, you could tell they’ve been doing this for years, they were ready to march, it made my heart flutter.

The future is female

We walked up the subway stairs out into the open air “we are the best friends we could have ever gotten!” “How’d we get so lucky?” The streets flooded with men women and children, colorful signs decorated with the harsh truth, with cameras flashing and voices roaring, arm in arm with my best friend.

The future is female

The sun beaming down on us, mother nature is proud, reflecting off the glitter on our cheeks. Courageous voices roar down the streets.

The future is female

We stand together, we’ll stand forever, because we know

The future is female

Truth is… I love my country. I used to be ashamed and be resentful for what we took so much pride in but really, I’m so fortunate to live here. I’ll fight the good fight until my very last breath. We can be the country we say we are, the country we are supposed to be. I promise you we can rise above, He will not divide us.

“I’m so glad we came to this” -Father to his two daughters


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“WEAK MEN FEAR STRONG WOMEN” “Mr. Trump, you can grab my pussy right after you show me your tax returns!”



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