When theres a low

As of late there has been a huge rise in the influencing and promoting of a positive mindset so because of that I thought it was necessary to make this post. Its a quick one about the acceptance of feelings other then those promoted, the acceptance of negativity.

You’ll most likely find me inaccurately or messily trying to convey this message across but just know that the main point I’m trying to get through to you is its ok to be negative.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally one of those people who promotes a lifestyle full of positivity but I also know that its not a perfect world… lets get real. You can’t always be positive, and you’re going to slip up and have a bad day or bad week even! Both good AND bad emotions are normal and they are real.

The internet is so one sided and MANY of todays youth are highly impressionable, which leads for a bad mix. Absolutely this promotion of positivity is helpful but it can also be damaging because as these impressionable teens are seeing this they are thinking “why aren’t I that happy?” Obviously no ones going to promote being down, but somewhere between the phone screen and the youth the realization that feeling down is COMPLETELY normal is being mistranslated and lost. The fact of the matter is, regardless of how positive you are you are going to also feel disconnected, confused, angry, and what ever else emotion.. because they are all a part of life.

Don’t think that just because someone on Instagram told you that theres always a reason to smile means you always have to, allow yourself to feel whatever you are experiencing. They tell you to be in the moment and in order to be in the moment you must feel in the moment as well, and maybe that means you aren’t going to be alright… but thats alright.

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