Behind the screen ft. Bianca Buneo

An Interview with youtuber and of course my very best friend, Bianca Buneo- also known as Bianca8198. I decided to ask questions you wouldn’t find in the typical youtube Q&A, I wanted to let you guys in on what happens behind the screen. The thought process, emotion, and effort that goes into what you do see, thats what you don’t see.

A summary of what you see from her point of view:

B: I like to make my videos as soon as I get an idea, which tends to happen in the late hours of the night. My inspiration is on overload whenever I have time to be by myself and think about what I want from my channel and what I want my subscribers to get from them. Within my Tumblr you will find countless requests for video ideas, so I often go to those if I’m lacking ideas. Whenever I’m envisioning a new video, I see the comments and responses that my followers will give, which is something I’m trying to navigate away from this year. Within the past, I’ve tend to make videos that I know would get views and my followers would like, but I wasn’t putting up content that I was passionate about and what I wanted to really upload, I wasn’t proud of my content like I was when I started off, so I’m planning to change my vision and process of making videos this year. I want to get back to filming videos that not only my followers will like, but what I love to put out into the universe.

Q: What urged you to do this?

B: The typical answer I always give when I get asked “Why did you start Youtube?” is the fact that I was bored, which is honestly the reason. I started off sitting in my bright blue room with zebra accents, braces and wild hair just doing it all out of pure boredom. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that my channel started to gain subscribers and my urge to film changed. It became more of the urge to connect with people and give advice and be that friend to the people that came to me.

Q: What pushes you to keep your channel going?

B: The messages I get are what keep me going. Sometimes I go through phases when I don’t have the motivation to film, but I log onto my accounts and see the messages and comments about how I help them with their problems or I’m an outlet for them when they’re feeling down and that’s what I want and that’s what keeps me going. Even if I quit making videos, I know I have a support system of people that I haven’t even met standing behind me and encouraging me and I think that is so beautiful. It’s what keeps me going.

Q: What do you get out of all this?

B: Helping people is what I love most about it all. Giving advice not only helps others but helps me to figure my own shit, in a way it holds me responsible. I get messages saying that my positivity inspires others and that keeps me accountable, because if I go against my advice I put out, it shows that it’s okay for others to do the same and that’s never what I want to portray. So, what I get out of it? Helping others including myself.

Q: Do you feel there is a pressure that comes with your role on the internet?

B: I feel like there is pressure for sure, but how you let it get to you is what matters. I think there can be pressure to be perfect without a doubt, but I don’t let it consume me. I know I’m not perfect, I go through things and while I might not always vocalize those things, I want to be honest with my viewers and be real.

Q: Do you feel like you have to uphold a reputation?

B: The reputation comes along with the pressure for me. I never want the reputation to box me into a comfort zone.

Q: Whats something you don’t express on your platform that you think people should know?

B: I think I express everything I want to as of right now. I try to keep a line between my personal life and what I want to post. I never want to hold myself back because of what others might think. I’m just always gonna stay true to myself and be the best me I can possibly be!


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