New year, same me: Submission

 Submission by Michelle Lee (@michellle_lee)

As the ball drops with fireworks and midnight kisses

I shout, “new year, new me”, but do I really listen to

The misconception that plays in my head

Is that what I really said?

There’s going to be so much change

Highs and lows in another 365 days

But I’m still the same person

And that’s completely okay.

I’m still the same Michelle

Who wears fuzzy socks to bed

Who dances around the house

With daydreams filling her head.

The same girl with blunt bangs

Who is clumsy and silly

And romanticizes everything in

New York City.

New Year, Same Me.

I still hold the same morals and values

And love the same things

And think the same way

That part of me will never be swayed.

Don’t get me wrong

There’s always room for change.

I’m not perfect and I want to improve myself


There’s no doubt I will grow up and reach new heights in 2017

But don’t worry, I’ll still be the same old me.

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