4 Steps to loving yourself

So I decided to try something a bit different, taking a suggestion to write a post on self love. These were the four major steps I took to take action in my life when I saw that my relationship with myself was anything but positive, and I hope that you find the same value in them that I did. The most important thing to take away out of all of this is you deserve to love yourself, you aren’t anything less then good enough, and at the end of the day do what makes you happy. Self love is so significant when it comes to your well being, and I hope that you will be open to taking these steps towards growing that connection with yourself.

STEP 1: Fill yourself with things that you love

Physically and mentally feeling good are a HUGE part to loving yourself. Taking steps in a more positive direction health wise will have a huge impact of your view of yourself.

Reading books that inspire you, eating foods that make you feel good, listening to music that empowers you. Surrounding and filling yourself with things you love is crucial, keep a positive mindset and be open to the idea of it. Your daily activities and physical health is a large portion of your wellbeing, feeling negatively about even one aspect of your life could potentially effect your entire outlook on yourself. You have the power to manifest these positive qualities about yourself, become who you want to become.

STEP 2: Do things you love

Dedicate yourself to the things you love. Maybe its painting, writing, running, do it.

I have always loved writing. I took creative writing and poetry courses, wrote on my free time, and shared my work with others because it made me happy. Eventually I stepped back and said “hey I’m good at this, I love that about myself” You should love things about yourself and you should let yourself do things that you love. It all comes full circle, I promise. Neglecting all positive attributes that you have is going to push a self loathing mind set on to you. Dedicate your time to the things you love, dedicate your time to yourself.

STEP 3: Surround yourself with people who love you

The negative impact that can happen when people around those who don’t appreciate you the way they should definitely can effect your outlook on yourself.

It’s easy to be blindsided in these situations. The toxicity people spread, especially in todays youth can be very harmful to ones self esteem. Remember your worth and only surround yourself with people who return the favor of spending the positivity and kindness you put forth. I’m sure we all know the saying “you are who you hang out with” and I’m sure many of us have learnt the hard way. Be weary that those around you aren’t jeopardizing your relationship with yourself and your personal happiness.

STEP 4: Remind yourself you should be loved

Getting over this hurdle of “I’m not good enough” is major. You ARE good enough. Don’t be afraid to forgive yourself for things you have done, or to embrace yourself with open arms. You deserve it.

Writing lists about things you love about yourself and keeping them in places where you’ll see them, are great reminders to keep your head up. Flaunting your favorite characteristics and being confident in them doesn’t make you conceited, remember that.

Self love is a journey that everyone will take at different paces, and different routes. Don’t hold yourself back from receiving all the love that you deserve. If you are doing things for yourself, its because you love yourself. Its truly a domino effect and the more you embrace yourself the more you’ll learn to love yourself. And you should, because you really deserve it.

Just to get the self love flowing, tell me what you love about yourself in the comments bellow ♡

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  1. You are an inspiration for sure. To know these things about how to live at your very young age is a gift. To be able to express these thoughts and share them in such a beautifully done way is a gift to all. I would encourage you to keep passing on your wisdom, you are an old soul and you need to keep on sharing. Your thoughts and artwork make me so happy!

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