Summer in the city

I know, I know, I know. We are in mid winter, so why the hell am I writing about summer? Well I’m a bit nostalgic for summer, as the winter has been a bit unforgiving.

After my mishap of trudging through the snow with a suit case that weighs more then me, I realized that wow I hate this. Its gorgeous don’t get me wrong, but as the wheels on my suitcase were halted from spinning due to a pile up of snow, and taxi after taxi was zooming by… I was over it.

So lets escape this winter wonderland, for just a moment. Lets bring it back to summer in the city.

The most memorable thing would be the thick humidity that makes you want to lock yourself inside. Your hair clung to your back and you would find yourself sprinting to the next place with A/C.

I’d often find myself crossing my fingers to get a subway cart that wasn’t too unbearably hot, but due to the 50+ people that you’d find crammed into each one… I never got my way. No matter the time of day, it always seemed busy down in the underground, the air stale and sticky. On the streets it wasn’t any better, you’d be lucky to catch a breeze.

I know what your thinking, Maddy, why do you miss something that you can complain so much about? Well because, theres some beauty in it too. The big tree, just across from a field where kids go to recess in Central Park, watching me nap and read books, now covered by snow and unable to be enjoyed. The pesky but often funny A/C units that drip on your head, making you question if its raining, are now taken out and put away. My shorts and big tee shirts that I pair with birks are now shoved to the back of my closet.

The perfect breeze late at night has now turned into a frigid wind that turns your ears numb. Light weight clothing has become heavy jackets that always seem to get in the way. Bare legs are now layered, but seemingly still freezing. My wet hair blowing in the wind is now frozen ends because the air is THAT cold.

My cold lemonade has been replaced with a hot beverage in attempt to keep my hands warm. My days outdoors are now under the covers praying for it to reach at least the 30s.

So yes, I’m nostalgic for the summer. And when summer comes round I’ll be longing for the winter. You never appreciate their beauty till after they’re gone.

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