Did Someone Say Girl Power?

So, what is girl power? Is it important? Is it as much of a crucial part to our development as we think it is? What place does it have in todays society? Lets see what some of you had to say about it.

“women are the most powerful beings on Earth. For so many years our voices have been ignored as we have been pushed to the side for our male counterparts. We are so powerful and important, yet we are faced with hurdles in our lives everyday due to our bodies anatomy. The only way we will fully succeed is through empowerment. Girl power is SO important. Women need to support women, every day of their lives. We can no longer view women as competition if we wish to succeed. We are now a universal set of sisters set out to take over the world. Think about how important girl power truly is. As humans we strive for relationships that make us feel important… Imagine if we began to practice support for all of the women around us. Think about the relationships we would form and the experiences to come. We need to become one.”

– Lauren R.

“I think that girl power & women empowerment is INSANELY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! in class this week a guy i sit by said to me “want to hear a joke…..women’s rights” or something along those lines and whether or not he was joking, it is up to us women to let boys know that it is NOT funny, we have as much of a right to do anything that they can do. i find it frustrating that as our society is advancing, and women’s rights are more prevalent than they have been before there are still men in this world that will think that women are meant to “cook and clean for MEN”, but all we can do is prove them wrong. ALSO on election day i saw a picture of so many people visiting Susan B. Anthony’s grave and bringing tons of flowers and covering her tombstone with “I Voted” stickers, and i think thats what girl power is – we need to stick together and we need to remember what and who got us where we are today & we have to think to ourselves “what can i do to help” ????? BC if we don’t fight for our rights who will?”

– Gracie B.

“I think it’s ridiculous that in 2016 women still don’t have it as good as men like for real it’s crazy because they just deny that inequality is even a thing and don’t want to change there mind set at all. When they truly think men are better then women and the world should be this way, it’s so sad knowing that so many women think they are not as good as men.”

– Tristan M.

“Who runs the world? Girls”

-Leeah M.

“There is nothing more beautiful than women empowering other women. We have always been taught that men are supposed to be superior, and that’s bullshit. I’m currently majoring in a STEM field, planning to become a doctor, and I am constantly faced by the pressure that what I’m choosing to pursue is “not the place for a woman”. This goes out to everyone: do what you want to do and be who you want to be, because you are the only person who can make yourself happy.

– Natalia R.

“Girl power should be supportive of all women. Not only women with vaginas or straight women or white women or cis women or skinny women. Trans girls and women of color and women part of the lgbtq community deserve that same amount of love and admiration and support. Although we have made progress, sexism is still a significant issue. As women we must protect other women and build each other up and fight for each other.”

– Licia

“Girl power is extremely vital to today’s society. With the never ending debate on feminism, women should be there for each other. When I think of girl power, I think of full acceptance and comfortability in our sexuality. I think of women lifting up other women regardless of the vast differences that may be there. Men are constantly degrading us and pitting us again each other, therefore, we shouldn’t be adding to the animosity. Instead of fighting, gossiping, and bringing each other down … we should be supporting our fellow sisters. I am lucky to be alive in a time where women can speak openly about this topic and not be persecuted for it. Though we have that privilege, there is more that can be done.”

– Jakia

“Girl power means girls can do the same thing as men!”

– Colby O.

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  1. Girl power means viewing other females as a source of empowerment and inspiration, not competition. We have come so far. When others are doubting us and our abilities, we cannot pit ourselves against one another; we are so much more when we love and encourage one another.

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