Before we Went Home- A sappy goodbye to my best friend

It’s the holiday season so that means it’s time to go “home”. I can’t help but call this home, this little room with pushed together twin beds and a ceiling that plaster frequent falls from. This is the home to who I am now, and its sad to leave even if its only for a month.

Last night I packed my bags, squeezing as much clothing as I could into the gigantic suitcase that Bianca let me borrow. I cleaned up our room and did the dishes while my sheets and towels were in the laundry, I was getting ready to leave for a month.

It hadn’t hit me that we were going our separate ways until we finished class yesterday and realized our first semester was officially over and just like that we wouldn’t be walking that route at that time ever again. “Oh my god I can’t believe we are leaving for an entire month” we both said 101 times throughout the rest of the day… I then came up with the idea that we write each other goodbye letters and trade them when we go out to lunch the next day, we immediately got to writing.

So today is the next day. We woke up late, as usual, and laid in bed until we mustered up with strength to get up and get ready. By 3 we were on our way to the 6 train en route to Champs diner. It was just about freezing out so we found ourselves walking quicker then usual and found relief in getting on the crowded train. We rode until Union Square and transferred to the L train… my personal favorite, I can’t help but feel like the people on it have a bit more magic in them. And of course I couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures of the painted words and faces on the subway stairs.

We got off at Montrose ave and quickly went to Champs diner. We talked about going home and the bitter sweet of it all, but mostly we kept the conversation light. Eventually we made our way to Bedford and went to get some hot chocolate as an escape from the frigid air outside, we exchanged out notes but vowed to not open them until we were alone.

And now I’m back in our tiny little room under the covers staring at my suitcase. Sure a month isn’t so bad, but I’ve lived in this little room with my sister brought to me by the universes magic for the past three months, a month seems a bit more bitter than sweet.Β It will be a happy holiday nonetheless, but I can’t help but laugh at the 3000 miles rather then the 3 feet between us.

I’ll see ya in a month B.

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  1. Really cute text, Madison. (Not sure if you go by any nickname?!) I’m happy for both of you that you guys found each other! I’m still looking for a friend I have a connection with, like you two do (at least from what I can tell ;)) Writing a goodbye letter was such a cute idea as I’m sure you guys will treasure that letter forever :)) xxx

    1. You can call me maddy if you’d like! Thanks for the sweet comments, it really means a lot. I can guarantee you’ll find someone to be that necessary friend in your life, just keep your eyes open πŸ˜‰ xx.

  2. i just adore this and your friendship so much!!! For some reason everything you write is like you’re speaking my thoughts but in a much more poetic way than i ever could hahaha! im your age and just starting uni this year with absolutely no clue where i want it to take me, so i feel like we’re living similar lives but in completely different environments. I hope one day when i finally travel all the way from sydney to new york i’ll find you both and we can have coffee and be friends !!!! keep doin what youre doin xx πŸ™‚
    ps. tell bianca shes my fave on youtube- always managing to bring a smile to my dial

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