Good Trouble

“You are never too young or too old to get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” -John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis said this sometime last year and it flipped a switch on in my mind, the next thing I knew I was writing it down in my journal. There is so much importance in standing up for what you believe in and now allowing your mind to conform to the poison you are being fed, there is so much importance in being heard and doing everything in your power to be heard.

Had I not come across this line, I probably wouldn’t be so head strong on the decisions I make following it today. The amount of times I have quoted this when others ask me “why” is countless. I remember before I moved to New York City I would watch videos of the protests for the things I believed in and it ignited a fire within me, a passion for what I believed in, knowing that I could make an impact on todays society. I told my parents “when I get to New York you can bet I’ll be standing with them” and thats exactly what I did, I took place in rallies/ protests and walked away with such an empowering feeling. Having a confirmation that you’re not alone in this and that change is possible is such a push to keep going.

You have a voice, and often times its silenced by this power over you, telling you that you’re wrong, foolish, and too young to know any better. Age does not define the amount of knowledge you have, and our youth has a mind like no other, seeing the real pain and misfortune that is happening while others choose to look the other way. Don’t allow them to pull the wool over your eyes, I beg of you to use your voice because it is valuable!

The power you have may seem so minuscule but you are capable of making an impact and a difference if you allow yourself to. The connections you make and pride that comes with empowering yourself and taking a stance is absolutely priceless! I encourage each and every one of you to get into trouble… GOOD trouble and use your voice, show your passion, and never back down. It’s a¬†necessity¬†to take part in the growth and evolution of our society. YOU are the future, YOU are the difference, YOU are The Way.

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