The Harsh Truth About Animal Agriculture

Agriculture is if not the number one, coming very close to being the biggest pollutant on our planet, and is the leading cause to climate change. Animal agriculture is a modern form of intensive farming that specifies to the keeping of livestock, such as cattle, poultry and fish at higher stocking densities. This practice causes 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, one of the largest contributors to climate change.

The common argument that these animals are bred in surplus amounts in order to be conceived without killing unnecessary amounts of animals and is not causing any damage is a poor argument at that. There is a fair amount of damage caused when sustaining just one animal for the eighteen months needed to raise them, wasting food and land and in end takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of that animal’s meat. Regardless of one’s feelings on animals rights, what about personal health? Countless amounts of clinical studies show that consumption of meat and dairy can cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and be a source of other diseases.

So maybe one can’t bring their emotions into it, but how about their brain? As President Obama once said, “We are borrowing this planet from our children and our grandchildren.” Rather than healing this planet, our home, we are destroying it. Truth be told agriculture produces more pollution than all transportation combined, produces 32,000 million tons of CO2 per year and takes up 80-90% of US water consumption. We are told that each of these things, pollution, CO2, and waste of water are all becoming very dangerous to our planet but we aren’t told that this huge industry, animal agriculture, takes a large part in that.

Educate one another and lead a healthy lifestyle! For more information on the subject matter check out Cowspiracy for facts, tips for switching over to a plant based diet, and more.



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