Lazy days…

I went to sleep with an open window listening to my neighbors sing at the top of their lungs at 1am, I woke up at around 6 to the same sound except a little less excited sounding. The frigid breeze awoke me, I was forced to get up shut the window and put some pants on if I ever wanted to go back to sleep, and thats just what I did. I woke up officially around 11 but stayed in bed for a long while, giving my self time to wake up.

I let out a sigh at the thought of all of the school work that I need to catch up on before I go back at Monday and know that my whole day will be filled with textbooks calculators and google searches. I eventually stick my toes out from under my warm printed and furry covers and touch down on the cold tile floor… I guess it was time to start my day. I popped my breakfast in the microwave then left the room. The hallway was quiet, everyone is gone for the holiday so that meant the elevator came extra quick and I wouldn’t have to make contact with anyone as I was still in my pajamas and my hair un brushed. I made my way down to the basement, I punched the number 43 into the vending machine, orange juice, my favorite. By the time I got back upstairs my breakfast was finished so with quick fingers I pulled the hot plate out and rushed it to the closest surface. I soon found myself surrounded by books and food, time to get to work. I spent the entire day getting all of those last minute assignments done, by the time I looked back up the sun had gone down.

Finishing around 6pm I decided to keep the work flow going and went grocery shopping at the small store just a block or two over. I was relieved to reach their doors, allowing me to get out of the cold wet air as it had just finished raining, I filled my basket with health conscious foods as christmas music was playing quietly filling the air pouring out of the speakers above. So now I find myself here, sitting back in bed watching christmas movies eating berries that leave my fingers stained and me happy. Happy lazy day
-mmbarr xx.


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  1. i really enjoyed reading your story! :))
    Keep up the great work! This just motivated me to maybe get back into writing again after all the stress i've been having at school.. Thank you! xx

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