Leaving college and starting over

To say that this was a long time coming I’d be lying. There was no real thought process behind this, no plans, no questions… I woke up one morning in early October and like a light switch my desire to be here was gone in the blink of an eye. Taking a gap year was a question before applying to college but I decided against it, if I could give you any advice in life it would be that if you are even questioning it, you need to trust yourself and take the gap year. Truth be told I have no idea who I am, what I want to do, or where I want to be and these things are so crucial in a healthy self expansion. So with that being said I am not returning to college next year and only the man on the moon knows where I’ll be come that time. I’ll be writing, playing music, reading, and learning from the life experiences I allow myself to have, not learning from a textbook that I have succumb to loathing. The entire world awaits me and in hindsight I shouldn’t have forced myself in a place that didn’t allow me to grow. So who knows who I’ll be but I guess we will figure that out together huh?

Just a bit of an update, I have disappeared for a bit due to the fact that I have been struggling to put out positivity which is what I want to do here. I’d love to chat with you all about this and hear about what you guys are thinking so feel free to shoot me a message or leave me a comment…

Love always -mmbarr


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  1. Is it college that you don't like and the education you got there or the city of New York as well? It's great that you are brave enough to quit without exact plans but just listening to your gut feelings!

  2. I love the city! The education I'm getting is not something I can find much value in which in end makes it extremely hard for me to maintain a positive energy and mindset

  3. I totally understand your decision! I'll be done with school at the end of this year & I decided to take a gap year before going to university as well to figure out who I am, what I want to do & to grow as a person. I hope it will be a great year for you, one where you get to make new experiences, find yourself & do what you love to do. All th best wishes 🙂 x


  4. I love how you have no “shame” on leaving college. It is not a bad thing at all to take the time that you need to find yourself. You’re a true inspiration. You are going to be very successful in the future.
    Much Love xoxo

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