I’ll never be an adult, but yes I am an adult


So… what happens when you turn eighteen? I won’t write some stupid assumption or explanation as to what I think happens when I turn 18 because honestly nothing happens… I can almost guarantee it. In 9 days I’m going to wake up and my narcissistic self is going to come on full force and then that’s it…. That’s it right?At 18 I won’t turn into an “adult” because being an adult is a lifestyle I’m going to take a pass on, one that would force me to say goodbye to any last bit of enjoyment I find in life… or something like that… BUT I will however become an adult because well I’m 18 so I now classify as one. Are you keeping up with what I’m saying?

Despite my beliefs, I do think that it will be a turning point in my life, not because “oh my god I’m finally an adult!” but because “oh my god… I’m an adult”. I have to question, at what point in my life am I going to transition from my adolescent mind set and start managing myself. Going to college at 17 years old it was really easy for me to convince myself that hey I’m still a kid I don’t have to buckle down yet. It’s not that I want to stay a kid forever, it’s just the idea that my care free spirit needs to be burned out that makes me resist the ideas of adulthood. So I guess my question is, can I have both? Can I take care of myself while acting like I’m untouchable? Can I be responsible all while I give myself no rules to follow? I don’t know yet, but at 19 I’ll let you know.

-mmbarr xx.


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